DIY bouquet


Corn field at wedding venue Shady Wagon Farm in New Hill NC near Raleigh NC

Step 1. Locate some mighty magnificent maize (Shady Wagon Farm)

Image of wedding day shoes and socks by Rachel Bowman and Jared Bowman

Step 2. Check yo kicks. Make sure they got some tread and whatnot; might need to make a quick exit if someone comes a lookin’. This tutorial miiiight involve some light thievery.

Groom peeking out a window to catch a glimpse of his bride

Step 3. Surveil the area and make sure there ain’t no alert and aware agriculturists, no heedful and hawk-eyed horticulturists, no circumspect and cognizant cultivators, and no prepared and peeping planters.

Bride and Groom walking away at Shady Wagon Farms in New Hill NC

Step 4. When you’re sure the coast is clear, grab a partner with an eye for the good stuff and make the trek over to the fields of the good golden grains.

Bride and Groom looking away in front of corn field at Shady Wagon Farms near Raleigh NC

Step 5. Search for the perfect raw materials from which to create a masterpiece.

Groom in gray suit goofs off with his new bride in white.

Step 6. It might not be easy to find just the right one. Do not despair.

Black and White image of bride and groom on their wedding day

Step 7. May have to search some more.

Man in gray suit holding an ear of corn

Step 8 …but there it is. Selection perfection.

Bride and groom laughing on a wagon with Rachel Bowman and Jared Bowman

Step 9. Be sure that you’ve picked out just the right one. The one that you’ll be happy with for the rest of your life!

Bride laughs as groom eats an ear of corn.

Step 10. Now apply “om nom noms” and “monchs” on the lateral, distal end in a rotational fashion to create the ergonomic handle.

An ear of corn. A DIY bouquet.

Step 11. Admire the craftsmanship. The artistry. All can agree this corn bouquet is ready for primetime.

Bridesmaid and groomsman enter reception with natural wood background

Step 12. Enjoy.

Looks at those happy faces. More folks satisfied with the DIY corn bouquet.


When you hear someone talk about “ideal clients”, these are the people they’re talking about. Kennedy and Johnathon are just people that enjoy themselves and each other, and it’s contagious.

They laughed. They goofed-off. They air guitar-ed. Some rowdy fellers sang a spot-on cover of Hank’s Family Traditions. But most importantly - they got married!

But enough of this mushy stuff - that is Rachael’s blogging territory. Kennedy and Johnathon’s real wedding blog is here.