What do a shot of scotch, a bible quote, and a fart joke have in common?


They are all ways for people to relax on their wedding day! #stopclickbait

Here at RBP, we’re not in the business of stress. We take the pics and have a good time. We do all that we can to eliminate stress for both brides AND grooms (Yeah, the fellas matter too). The hands-down best sessions we have are where folks are comfortable and relaxed - that way we can capture who you actually are. Not take photos of a hyper-realistic automaton that has taken over your body whilst in front of the camera.

Rachel Bowman Photography won’t judge you in those intimate and sometimes emotional and sometimes stressful wedding days!

You need a drink to take the edge off? Do it.

You need to hit up a few bible verses to center yoself? Do it.

You need a derpy photographer to make a fart joke so that you won’t take us too seriously? Ask; we’ll do it.