Can I bring my dog?


Please do. Rach and I love all animals, so bring em on. We dig it.

Their presence makes you instantly more comfortable in your photos, and plus they’re hella cute.

If your dog is well behaved, there is basically no downside. Just be prepared to lose ~ 10 minutes at the start of the session letting them get their bearings and burn off some excess energy, and maybe another 5 - 10 minutes later on dealing with food/water/mud/poo. Or, minimize the lost time by getting to the session site early and take them for a quick walk and take care of all that before Rachael and I arrive!

However, is your dog is a bit on the wild side (like our dogs) then there will be some session time lost while getting & keeping the pup in check.

Taking pics with animals adds a difficulty modifier, since they almost never want to look at the camera. We do got some tricks to help with that. We got the pepperoni on the camera trick, wrinkling a cheese wrapper, and we keep a squeak toy in our car just in case we need to go nuclear!

Now, for some heckin goodbois:

This handsome feller is Jaeger. Look at the bowtie. Look. At. It. Such a good and dapper boy. Owners: Will + Katie

This big ole baby is Kipper. He catches a mean stick, and is a qualified uber-tracker. Owners: Brittany + Spencer

This sweet ole girl is Abby. She deserves all the treats and pets. Owners: Catherine + Jordan

Rachael and I may be mainly dog people, but we got love for the kittums too.

Here you got MoonBat (left) and Tucker (the absolute unit in the middle, aka the OakCityKitty). They chill. Owners: Ron + Kristin

And here you got a close up of Tucker (the OakCityKitty), looking like he done had enough of us taking his photo! Owners: Ron + Kristin

…and I just couldn’t make a pet themed post without a mention of my two MVPs (most valuable puppers): Zoey and Ellie!!!

This sleepygirl is Zoey. Ball, frisbee, and stick catchin’ extraordinaire. Despite this lovely and sleepy image by Carolyn Scott Photography, Zoey is a crazy ball of energy. But she is also a sweetie; Rachael’s “little” lap dog. Owners: Jared + Rachael

And this is Ellie. Originally she was Rachael’s dog, but now she’s mine. I’m her preferred human and snuggling companion. She is feisty, but once she accepts you in the dog-pack, you’re in for life. She’s loyal and protective, and she has no idea that she is rather smol. She’d fight a bear if one came up on Rachael or I. Carolyn Scott Photography took the fast-track to befriending Ellie with some cheese sticks and belly rubs (those are Ellie’s favs), and took this dope image. Owners: Jared + Rachael

…with all the pet obsession, we should rebrand to “Rachael Bowman Furtography,” amirite?



*sound of Rachael facepalming*