Engaged, anniversary, or just because.  Whatever you want to document we're there! 1- 1 .5 hrs of you guys with a gallery of images.  Bonus points for original out of the box session ideas!!

asian couple laughs and embraces
couple walks their dogs in the woods
couple under a willow tree in the sunlight
engagement ring nestled into a succulent leaves
engagement session at yates mill park by rachael bowman photography
engaged couple stands in front of a blue brick wall
couple poses for their engagement announcement
dog laying on the ground next to his owners' feet
couple poses for their engagement announcement
couple walks along the sidewalk in front of big ed's in raleigh, nc
engagement ring on a yucca plant bloom
couple walks in front of a mill pond retaining wall
couple kisses on the raleigh capital building steps
husband and wife snuggle on their couch and have coffee
engaged couple sit on an old fallen log and kiss
couple embraces surrounded by bamboo shoots
lifestyle engagement session at two roosters ice cream shoppe
couple kisses on a dock in the oak island sound
solitaire engagement ring on a red tulip
couple embraces
woman's hands rest on her fiance's chest
lifestyle engagement session at two roosters ice cream by rachael bowman photography
couple under a willow tree
couple kisses while swinging in hammocks on their beach house porch
modern tension set engagement ring on a sentry plant leaf
couple wears star wars jerseys and holds hands
diamond engagement ring on a blooming salvia plant
 woman sits on a garden wall and smiles down at her fiance
husband airplanes wife on their bed
couple jumps and celebrates in a grassy field
engagement session at the wral azalea gardens
 downtown raleigh engagement session
couple bumps foreheads and looks into each others' eyes

This year we have a goal of shooting more lifestyle in-home sessions with couples. What does this mean? Essentially we come to your home, you guys relax in your space, and we snap some cute photos. Sounds pretty chill right?! Because this is something we want to do more of, we’re offering a discount on our normal price for lifestyle sessions! Shoot us an email and let’s do it!