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Artist Headshot Session

Four Oaks, NC


We updated Zach's headshots!!  My youngest brother is all grown up and making his way as an artist at ECU.  He's got a amazing portfolio and is working his way to a BFA with concentrations in Graphic Design + Illustration.  Double concentrating is no joke.  You can get a look at what he's making on his insta here!!  I'm so proud of the work he's creating, his imagination, and his commitment to his craft.  Of course as a former ECU School of Art and Design student I'm also very stoked he's doing it at my alma mater.  I don't get to see him as much since we pretty much live a solid 3 hours from each other.  However we were all in town for my oldest brother's wedding shower a few weeks back and he asked if I would hook him up with some new photos.  Of course dear brother!  Here they be :)

young man crosses his arms and smiles
artist headshot session in four oaks, nc by rachael bowman photography
 male headshot session in four oaks, nc
Headshot portrait session in Four Oaks, NC by Rachael Bowman Photography
 male headshot session in four oaks, nc
 male headshot session in four oaks, nc