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 Rachael and Jared Bowman, owners of Rachael Bowman Photography, walk through a field.

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About Rachael & Jared

We are Friday nights at home with a movie, good beer, and good friends kind of people.  We are into all things nerdy and spend a lot of our couple time playing video games together or whooping ass in Settlers of Catan. Jared is definitely the brainy analytical one while I’m the artistic big picture person.  But let's be honest we're definitely big ol' derps as well. We have 2 doggos, Ellie + Zoey, one big + one smol. You’ll see photos of me creepin’ on them on our instagram. I can’t help it, they’re cute! We’re big DIY homeowners, we almost always have some sort of project in the works or in the planning stages.

OK mushy love story time.  We're high school sweethearts, yeah I know barf.  Jared claims that the moment he knew I was special was when I whooped his butt at Halo (the original, yes we’re old) when we first started dating.  I think I knew when Jared didn’t run screaming after his first dinner at the Sitter house (we’re a big LOUD family).  From there on we grew together through so many milestones and chose to spend our lives together. We just celebrated our 5 year anniversary and we’re looking forward to what the future holds!

I seriously never thought I would shoot weddings & portraits, did the whole BFA in photo and boy is it frowned on in that community. Well I did some second shooting in college to make some money and just fell in love with it.  When I graduated, moved away, and started looking for jobs I had the realization that I already knew what I wanted to do and had the skillset.  Thus Rachael Bowman Photography was born and the townspeople rejoiced!  So Jared figured he would try his hand at photography just in case I ever needed an emergency second shooter, because these things happen.  Well turns out he's really great at it so he is now my partner in photography as well as life!

Ok I've rambled on long enough, here's what it comes down to.

Our clients mean the world to us, we're here to build a friendship with you as well as give you the best damn photos we can.  Most importantly we have your back.  We'll be there fixing your hair, dress, helping herd cats, and tweaking your timeline to get it juuuust right.  Jared and I will be honest with you (even if it’s not what you want to hear) and we'll work hard for you because we love what we do!  We know it can be scary having a camera pointed your way, we do our best to help you forget about it. At the end of the day we are here to give you guys a fun experience with your session or wedding.  We're breaking down the stigma of stuffy photos one session at a time!

We can't wait to meet you!

Rachael Jared


"We take pictures to stop time, to commit moments to eternity. Human nature made tangible”


" When I look at the pictures, I remember how I felt and how happy and beautiful our day was.!!" 


"We loved working with Rachael and her husband, Jared! "


Kind Words


"Rachael and Jared were a blast to work with ... We felt very comfortable working with them and shared many laughs in the making. We highly recommend them!!!"


 summer engagement session at jc raulston arboretum

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